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    • We found that OsNLP4 transactivated OsNiR encoding nitrite reductase that was critical in nitrogen assimilation in rice
    • In contrast, the OsNLP4 overexpression lines remarkably increased yield by 30% and NUE by 47% under moderate N level compared with wild type
    • Moreover, overexpression of OsNLP4 can recover the phenotype of Arabidopsis nlp7 mutant and enhance its biomass
    • In recent years, NIN-like proteins (NLPs) have been described as key transcription factors of nitrogen responses in Arabidopsis thaliana, which implies that OsNLP4 is involved in the regulation of nitrate assimilation and nitrogen use efficiency in rice
    • Growth and nitrate reductase activity are impaired in rice osnlp4 mutantssupplied with nitrate
    • Here, we show that OsNLP4 can influence plant growth by affecting nitrate reductase (NR) activity
    • The growth of OsNLP4 knockdown mutants was reduced when nitrate was supply, but not when ammonium was supply
    • We propose that, in addition to the regulation of gene expression within the nitrate signaling pathway, OsNLP4 can affect the NR activity and nitrate-dependent growth of rice
    • Furthermore, the concentrations of iron and molybdenum, essential elements for NR activity, were reduced in OsNLP4 knockdown mutants
    • The nitrate concentration was significantly reduced in osnlp4 mutants
    • Our results support a working model for the role of OsNLP4 in the nitrate signaling pathway
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