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    • Mis-regulation of MADS78 and 79 perturbed auxin homeostasis and carbon metabolism, as evident by mis-regulation of genes involved in auxin transport and signaling as well as starch biosynthesis genes causing structural abnormalities in starch granules at maturity
    • MADS78 and MADS79 are essential regulators of early seed development in rice.
    • MADS78 and 79 were indispensable for seed development, as a double knock-out mutant failed to make viable seeds
    • Collectively, we show MADS78 and 79 are essential regulators of early seed developmental transition and impact both seed size and quality in rice
    • Seeds overexpressing (OE) MADS78 and 79 exhibited delayed endosperm cellularization, while CRISPR-Cas9 mediated single knock-out mutants showed precocious endosperm cellularization
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