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    • Exogenous application of recombinant OsHAD1 protein in growth media supplemented with phytate, led to marked increase in growth and total P content of Pi deficient WT rice seedlings
    • Further, overexpression of OsHAD1 in rice resulted in enhanced phosphatase activity, biomass, total and soluble P content in Pi deficient transgenic seedlings treated with phytate as restricted Pi source
    • We conclude that besides dephosphorylation of cellular organic-P, OsHAD1 in coordination with kinases may regulate phosphorylation status of downstream targets to accomplish Pi homeostasis under limited Pi supply
    • Here, we identified and characterized a PHR2 regulated; novel low Pi responsive haloacid dehalogenase (HAD)-like hydrolase, OsHAD1
    • While, OsHAD1 is a functional HAD protein having both acid phosphatase and phytase activity; it showed little homology with other known low Pi responsive HAD superfamily members
    • To elucidate the underlying regulatory mechanisms of OsHAD1, we performed in-vitro pull down assays which revealed association of OsHAD1 with protein kinases
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