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    • Transgenic rice expressing OsTUB8 in an antisense orientation were suppressed in the amount of seed set upon maturity
    • These results suggest that OsTUB8 might be differentially expressed in rice anthers due to the action of GA, and involved in the processes of vegetative growth and seed set in rice
    • OsTUB8 that was expressed in rice anthers was characterized with a multi-level approach
    • At the protein level, OsTUB8 was expressed mainly in anthers compared to callus, root, leaf sheath and leaf blade
    • In situ hybridization and GUS fusion analysis revealed that OsTUB8 was expressed in vascular bundles of anther filaments and in pollen
    • OsTUB8 expression was lower in the anthers of GA-deficient mutants, ‘Tanginbozu and ‘Akibrarewaisei, compared to those of their respective wild types
    • Functional analysis of OsTUB8, an anther-specific β-tubulin in rice
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