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    • Here, we isolated and characterized the rice OsFIGNL1 (OsFidgetin-like 1) gene, encoding a conserved AAA-ATPase, and explored its function and importance in male meiosis and pollen formation
    • The rice Osfignl1 mutant exhibited normal vegetative growth, but failed to produce seeds and displayed pollen abortion phenotype
    • Phenotypic comparisons between the wild-type and Osfignl1 mutant demonstrated that OsFIGNL1 is required for anther development, and that the recessive mutation of this gene causes male sterility in rice
    • Taken together, our results suggest that OsFIGNL1 plays an important role in regulation of male meiosis and anther development
    • Complementation and CRISPR/Cas9 experiments demonstrated that wild-type OsFIGNL1 is responsible for the male sterility phenotype
    • Male meiosis in the Osfignl1 mutant exhibited abnormal chromosome behavior, including chromosome bridges and multivalent chromosomes at diakinesis, lagging chromosomes, and chromosome fragments during meiosis
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