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    • A self-ubiquitination assay indicated that the bacterially expressed OsUPS protein had E3 ligase activity, and subcellular localization results showed that OsUPS was located in the chloroplast
    • Here, we present the isolation of a novel U-box protein, U-box containing E3 ligase induced by phosphate starvation (OsUPS), from rice (Oryza sativa)
    • We found that full-length expression of OsUPS was up-regulated in both rice plants and cell culture in the absence of inorganic phosphate (P(i))
    • Molecular cloning and characterization of OsUPS, a U-box containing E3 ligase gene that respond to phosphate starvation in rice (Oryza sativa)
    • In rice, transient overexpression of OsPUB41 leads to enhanced expression of PR genes and SA as well as JA biosynthetic and response genes
    • However, in Arabidopsis, ectopic expression of OsPUB41 results in upregulation of only JA biosynthetic and response genes
    • This indicates that the E3 ligase activity of OsPUB41 protein is essential for induction of plant defense responses
    • Overexpression of OsPUB41 leads to induction of callose deposition, enhanced tolerance to Xoo and Rhizoctonia solani infection in rice and Arabidopsis respectively
    • Transient overexpression of either of the two biochemically inactive mutants (OsPUB41C40A and OsPUB41V51R) of OsPUB41 in rice and stable transgenics in Arabidopsis ectopically expressing OsPUB41C40A failed to elicit immune responses
    • The results presented here suggest that OsPUB41 is possibly involved in elicitation of CWDE triggered immune responses in rice
    • OsPUB41 plays a negative role in drought stress response through the mediation of OsUBC25 and interacts with OsCLC6, suggesting a putative substrate
    • The Ubi:RNAi-OsPUB41 knock-down and ospub41 suppression mutant plants exhibited enhanced tolerance to drought stress compared with the wild-type rice plants in terms of transpirational water loss, long-term dehydration response, and chlorophyll content
    • OsPUB41 expression was specifically induced by dehydration among various abiotic stresses and abscisic acid (ABA) treatments
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