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    • In situ hybridization experiments showed the transcripts of OsFOR1 are present in young spikelet primordia and in almost all of the young floral organs
    • OsFOR1 transcript was not detected in the frizzy panicle mutant, which is defective in its spikelet formation but normal in inflorescence-meristem initiation and maintenance
    • Antisense expression of OsFOR1 resulted in an increase in the numbers of floral organs, including the stamen, carpel, palea/lemma, stigma, and lodicule
    • We have isolated a cDNA clone, OsFOR1, from the immature panicles of rice
    • OsFOR1 is highly expressed in the calli and immature and mature panicles, while detectable at only low levels in seedling roots and mature stems
    • The OsFOR1 gene encodes a polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein (PGIP) that regulates floral organ number in rice
    • The OsFOR1 (Oryza sativa floral organ regulator 1) gene encodes a protein that contains a leucine-rich repeat (LRR) domain
    • Therefore, we suggest that OsFOR1 plays a role in the formation and/or maintenance of floral organ primordia
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