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    • RNA-seq results revealed that 84% of genes upregulated by IRP1 peptide were also induced by a microbe-associated molecular pattern(MAMP) chitin, including 13 OsWRKY transcription factors, indicating that IRP1 and chitin share a similar signaling pathway
    • Rice plants overexpressing IRP1 enhanced resistance to the virulent rice blast fungus
    • Application of IRP1 peptide to rice suspension cells triggered the expression of IRP1 itself and the defense gene PAL1
    • Here, we studied IRP1 functions in rice immunity
    • Collectively, our findings indicate that IRP1 functions as a phytocyokine in rice immunity regulating MAPKs and OsWRKYs that could amplify chitin and other signaling pathways, and provide new insights into how MAMPs and phytocyokines cooperatively regulate rice immunity
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