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    • pOsHox33::GUS fusion expression and RT-PCR revealed that OsHox33 is highly expressed in young organs, especially in young meristems such as shoot apical meristems, intercalary meristems, and young callus
    • In this study, we analyzed a HD-Zip III member, OsHox33, and demonstrated that it plays an important role in age-dependent leaf senescence in rice
    • Transgenic plants harboring either RNAi construct displayed similar phenotypes of precocious leaf senescence symptoms, suggesting that knockdown of OsHox33 accelerates leaf senescence in rice
    • Finally, real-time PCR studies showed that OsHox33 can regulate the expression of GS1 and GS2, two senescence-associated genes
    • Knockdown of OsHox33, a member of the class III homeodomain-leucine zipper gene family, accelerates leaf senescence in rice
    • Plants ectopically expressing microRNA166-resistant versions of the OSHB3 gene exhibited severe defects, including the ectopic production of leaf margins, shoots, and radialized leaves
    • To further investigate OsHox33 function, we analyzed chloroplast ultrastructure in different-aged leaves of RNAi plants, and found that OsHox33 knockdown accelerated chloroplast degradation, which is consistent with RNAi phenotypes
    • Furthermore, this ectopic expression of OSHB3 was correlated with leaf initiation defects
    • The treatment of seedlings with auxin quickly induced ectopic OSHB3 expression in the entire region of the SAM, but not in other tissues
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