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    • A novel rice (Oryza sativa) XTH-related gene, OsXTH8, was cloned and characterized after being identified by cDNA microarray analysis of gibberellin-induced changes in gene expression in rice seedlings
    • These results indicate that OsXTH8 is differentially expressed in rice leaf sheath in relation to gibberellin and potentially involved in cell elongation processes
    • OsXTH8 was preferentially expressed in rice leaf sheath in response to gibberellic acid
    • In situ hybridization and OsXTH8 promoter GUS fusion analysis revealed that OsXTH8 was highly expressed in vascular bundles of leaf sheath and young nodal roots where the cells are actively undergoing elongation and differentiation
    • Transgenic rice expressing an RNAi construct of OsXTH8 exhibited repressed growth
    • In two genetic mutants of rice with abnormal height, the expression of OsXTH8 positively correlated with the height of the mutants
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