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    • OsLFR is essential for early endosperm and embryo development by interacting with SWI/SNF complex members in Oryza sativa
    • OsLFR depletion resulted in homozygous lethality in the early seed stage through endosperm and embryo defects, which could be successfully recovered by the OsLFR genomic sequence
    • Transcriptome profiling showed that many genes, involved in DNA replication, cell cycle, cell wall assembly and cell death, were differentially expressed in a knockout mutant of OsLFR (oslfr-1), which was consistent with the observed seed defects
    • Cytological observations revealed that the oslfr endosperm had relatively fewer free nuclei, had abnormal and arrested cellularization, and demonstrated premature programed cell death: the embryo was reduced in size and failed to differentiate
    • OsLFR was expressed primarily in the rice spikelets and seeds, and the OsLFR protein was localized to the nucleus
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