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    • ptc2 showed persistent tapetal cells and abnormal pollen wall patterning including absent nexine, collapsed bacula and disordered tectum
    • The defective tapetal PCD phenotype of ptc2 was similar to that of a PCD delayed mutant, ptc1, in rice, while the abnormal pollen wall patterning resembled that of a pollen wall defective mutant, tek, in Arabidopsis thaliana
    • Based on these data, we propose a model explaining how PTC2 affects anther and pollen development
    • The characterization of PTC2 in tapetal PCD and pollen wall patterning expands our understanding of the regulatory network of male reproductive development in rice and will aid future breeding approaches
    • Levels of anther cutin monomers in ptc2 anthers were significantly reduced, as was expression of a series of lipid biosynthetic genes
    • PTC2 transcript and protein were shown to be present in the anther after meiosis, consistent with the observed phenotype
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