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    • By measuring the length of the second leaf sheath after gibberellin (GA3 ) treatment and the GA-induced -amylase activity of seeds, we found that RGG2 is also involved in GA signaling
    • The expression levels of RGG2 are significantly higher than those of other rice G -encoding genes in all tissues tested, suggesting that RGG2 plays essential roles in rice growth and development
    • These results demonstrate that RGG2 acts as a negative regulator of plant growth and organ size in rice
    • By regulating cell expansion, RGG2 overexpression in Nipponbare (NIP) leads to reduced plant height and decreased grain size
    • In summary, we propose that RGG2 may regulate grain and organ size via the GA pathway and that manipulation of RGG2 provides a novel strategy for rice grain yield enhancement
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