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    • Two independent knockout mutants, plc4-1 and plc4-2, exhibited decreased seedling growth and survival rate whereas overexpression of OsPLC4 improved survival rate under high salinity and water deficiency, compared with wild-type (WT)
    • The results indicate that OsPLC4 modulates the activity of two signaling pathways, PA and Ca2+ , to affect rice seedling response to osmotic stress
    • Knockout of OsPLC4 attenuated salt-induced increase of phosphatidic acid (PA) whereas overexpression of OsPLC4 decreased the level of PI4P and PIP2 under salt treatment
    • In addition, the loss of OsPLC4 compromised the increase of inositol triphosphate (IP3 ) and free cytoplasmic Ca2+ ([Ca2+ ]cyt ) and inhibited the induction of genes involved in Ca2+ sensor and osmotic stress response to salt stress
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