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    • Overexpression of rice gene OsATG8b confers tolerance to nitrogen starvation and increases yield and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in Arabidopsis.
    • Further examination revealed that overexpression of OsATG8b could effectively alleviate the growth inhibition of transgenic Arabidopsis under nitrogen (N) stress
    • It was also showed that over-expressing OsATG8b promoted growth and development of Arabidopsis, in which the rosette leaves were larger than those of the wild type (WT), and the yield increased significantly by 25
    • A Rice Autophagy Gene OsATG8b Is Involved in Nitrogen Remobilization and Control of Grain Quality.
    • We identified the rice gene OsATG8b and characterized its role in N remobilization to affect grain quality by generating transgenic plants with its over-expression and knockdown
    • The autophagic role of OsATG8b was experimentally confirmed, and it was concluded that OsATG8b-mediated autophagy is involved in N recycling to grains and contributes to the grain quality, indicating that OsATG8b may be a potential gene for molecular breeding and cultivation of rice
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