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    • In addition, compared to the wild type, htd12 had significantly lower levels of ent-2’-epi-5-deoxystrigol (epi-5DS), a native strigolactone (SL), in both roots and root exudates, resulting in an obvious increase in tiller number and decrease in plant height
    • Sequence analysis showed that a single nucleotide transition from guanine (G) to adenine (A) in the 3’ acceptor site between the 1 st intron and 2 nd exon of HTD12 alters its mRNA splicing in htd12 plants, resulting in a 49-amino acid deletion that affects carotenoid biosynthesis and photosynthesis in this mutant
    • Here, we identified the high-tillering and dwarf 12 (htd12) mutant and analyzed the effects of the HTD12 mutation on these important factors
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