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    • Transgenic plants overexpressing (OE) and knockdown with RNA interfering (RI) OsERF109 exhibited significantly reduced and improved drought resistance, respectively, indicating that OsERF109 negatively regulates drought resistance in rice
    • Based on these results, our data evidence that OsERF109 regulates drought resistance by affecting the ethylene biosynthesis in rice
    • The ethylene response factor OsERF109 negatively affects ethylene biosynthesis and drought tolerance in rice.
    • Here, we evaluated the regulatory function of a novel rice ethylene response factor (ERF) OsERF109 in drought stress
    • Overall, our study reveals the negative role of OsERF109 in ethylene biosynthesis and drought tolerance in rice
    • Quantitative real-time PCR analysis also proved the regulation of OsERF109 in the expression of OSACS6, OSACO2, and OsERF3, which have been identified to play important roles in ethylene biosynthesis
    • Expression of OsERF109 was rapidly induced by stress and phytohormones
    • Subcellular localization and transactivation assay demonstrated that OsERF109 was localized in nucleus and possessed transactivation activity
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