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    • In the roots of pez1, precipitated apoplasmic iron increased
    • The growth of PEZ1 overexpression lines was severely restricted, and these lines accumulated more iron as a result of the high solubilization of precipitated apoplasmic iron in the stele
    • We show that PEZ1 is responsible for an increase of PCA concentration in the xylem sap and is essential for the utilization of apoplasmic precipitated iron in the stele
    • Recently, we isolated and characterized a phenolics efflux transporter in rice by characterizing a mutant in which the amount of PCA and CA in the xylem sap was dramatically reduced, which we hence named phenolics efflux zero 1 (pez1)
    • We identified a cadmium-accumulating rice mutant in which the amount of PCA and caffeic acid in the xylem sap was dramatically reduced and hence named it phenolics efflux zero 1 (pez1)
    • PEZ1 localized mainly in the stele of roots
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