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    • The OsABCG43 transcript was detected both in shoots and roots
    • This study indicates that OsABCG43 is a Cd inducible-transporter gene capable of conferring Cd tolerance on yeast
    • In addition, OsABCG43 transcripts were induced by leaf bacteria Xanthomonas oryzae pv
    • Moreover, overexpression of OsABCG43 resulted in retarded plant growth and enhanced rice sensitivity to Cd stress
    • Overexpression of OsABCG43 caused Cd accumulation which inhibits photosynthesis and development and alters the antioxidant system, resulting in phytotoxicity
    • OsABCG43 was induced under Cd stress and specifically expressed in the vasculature of leaves and roots
    • CONCLUSION: This work reveals that OsABCG43 is expressed specifically in the vascular and plasma membrane-localized OsABCG43 functions as a Cd importer
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