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    • Further the microscopic analysis revealed that OsPRP3 enhances the cell wall integrity in the cold tolerant plant and confers cold-tolerance in rice
    • Taken together, the results suggested that OsPRP3 is a cell wall protein, playing a crucial role in determining extracellular matrix structure of floral organs
    • Here we report a novel flower-specific PRP designated OsPRP3 from rice
    • Expression analysis showed that the OsPRP3 transcript was mainly present in rice flower and accumulated abundantly during the late stage of the flower development
    • Microscopic analysis of the RNAi mutant flower revealed that blocking OsPRP3 function caused significant defects in floral organogenesis
    • OsPRP3, a flower specific proline-rich protein of rice, determines extracellular matrix structure of floral organs and its overexpression confers cold-tolerance
    • Our overexpression plants showed a significant increase in cold tolerance than the WT plants which is conferred by the accumulation of OsPRP3 protein during cold treatment
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