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    • The Oshak12 mutants showed sensitivity to salt toxicity and accumulated more Na(+) in the xylem sap, leading to excessive Na(+) in the shoots and less Na(+) in the roots
    • These findings indicate that OsHAK12 mediates Na(+) exclusion from shoot, possibly by retrieving Na(+) from xylem vessel thereby reducing Na(+) content in the shoots
    • In addition, OsHAK12 was strongly expressed in the root vascular tissues and induced by salt stress
    • Rice Na(+)-Permeable Transporter OsHAK12 Mediates Shoots Na(+) Exclusion in Response to Salt Stress.
    • Unlike typical HAK family transporters that transport K(+), OsHAK12 is a Na(+)-permeable plasma membrane transporter
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