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  • Information
    • Symbol: OsWRKY82
    • MSU: None
    • RAPdb: None
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  • Key message
    • These indicate that OsWRKY82 is a multiply stress-inducible gene responding to both biotic and abiotic stresses, and may be involved in the regulation of defense response to pathogens and tolerance against abiotic stresses by jasmonic acid/ethylene-dependent signaling pathway
    • By contrast, gibberellin suppressed the expression of OsWRKY82
    • Additionally, OsWRKY82 transcripts could be induced by wounding and heat shocking, but not by abscisic acid, cold, high salinity and dehydration
    • The transcript level of OsWRKY82 was relatively higher in stems, leaves, and flowers, and less abundant in grains
    • The expression of OsWRKY82 was up-regulated by methyl jasmonate and ethephon, whereas salicylic acid exerted no effects on its expression
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