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    • OsMYB7 determines leaf angle at the late developmental stage of lamina joints in rice.
    • ) R2R3-type MYB transcription factor OsMYB7 determines leaf angle in a developmental stage-specific manner
    • These results suggest that OsMYB7 promotes leaf inclination partially through decreasing free auxin levels and promoting cell elongation at the adaxial side of lamina joints
    • In agreement with these observations, OsMYB7 was preferentially expressed in the lamina joints of post-mature leaves
    • Although OsMYB7 repressed lignin biosynthesis, it enhanced thickening of sclerenchyma cell walls by elevating cellulose contents at the lamina joints
    • Furthermore, we found that OsMYB7 affects endogenous auxin levels in lamina joints, and the adaxial cells of lamina joints in OsMYB7-overexpressing lines and osmyb7 knockout mutants exhibited enhanced and reduced elongation, respectively, compared to the wild type
    • Since OsMYB7 homologs are transcriptional repressors of lignin biosynthesis, we examined whether OsMYB7 might inhibit thickening of secondary cell walls
    • OsMYB7-overexpressing lines produced wide-angled leaves and osmyb7 knockout mutants exhibited erect leaves
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