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    • ), we screened T-DNA mutants and identified a drought- and salt-hypersensitive mutant dsm3
    • Interestingly, overexpression of DSM3 (OsITPK2) in rice resulted in drought- and salt-hypersensitive phenotypes and physiological changes similar to those in the mutant
    • The expression level of DSM3 promoter-driven beta-glucuronidase (GUS) reporter gene in rice was induced by drought, salt and abscisic acid
    • These results together suggest that DSM3/OsITPK2 is an important member of the OsITPK family for stress responses, and an optimal expression level is essential for drought and salt tolerance in rice
    • Transcript level analysis of OsITPK genes revealed that they had different tempo-spatial expression patterns, and the responses of DSM3 to abiotic stresses, including drought, salinity, cold, and high temperature, were distinct from the other five members in rice
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