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    • Accumulation of the RNA polymerase subunit RpoB depends on RNA editing by OsPPR16 and affects chloroplast development during early leaf development in rice.
    • We found that OsPPR16 is responsible for a single editing event at position 545 in the chloroplast rpoB mRNA, resulting in an amino acid change from serine to leucine in the -subunit of the plastid-encoded RNA polymerase
    • Thus, by editing the rpoB mRNA, OsPPR16 is required for faithful plastid transcription, which in turn is required for chlorophyll synthesis and efficient chloroplast development
    • In striking contrast to loss-of-function mutations of the putative orthologue in Arabidopsis, which were reported to have no visible phenotype, knock-out of OsPPR16 leads to impaired accumulation of RpoB, reduced expression of PEP-dependent genes and a pale phenotype during early plant development
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