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    • The results demonstrate that OsHXK10 plays an essential role in anther dehiscence, pollen germination and hence grain filling in rice
    • To investigate the roles of hexokinases in rice growth and development, we analyzed rice sequence databases and isolated ten rice hexokinase cDNAs, OsHXK1 (Oryza sativa Hexokinase 1) through OsHXK10
    • The promoter of OsHXK10 was found to drive the expression of β-glucuronidase (GUS) specifically in the anther wall and mature and germinating pollens as well as in palea of rice flower
    • RNAi-mediated suppression of hexokinase gene OsHXK10 in rice leads to non-dehiscent anther and reduction of pollen germination
    • One of them, OsHXK10, is preferentially expressed in stamen
    • By seed maturity, the proportion of empty seed was significantly increased in the OsHXK10 RNAi lines than that of the wild-type
    • Suppression of OsHXK10 expression in rice by using RNAi approach showed that the anthers of some flowers in the RNAi lines were unable to dehisce, probably due to inhibition in cell wall thickening of the anthers
    • Real-time RT-PCR and in situ hybridization analysis revealed that OsHXK10 mRNA level was significantly reduced in the ndaF, particularly in their anther walls, as compared to that of the normal flower
    • Gene expression profiling revealed that OsHXK2 through OsHXK9 are expressed ubiquitously in various organs, whereas OsHXK10 expression is pollen-specific
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