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    • Our study reveals a previously unidentified mechanism by which MHZ11 participates in ethylene signaling for regulation of root growth in rice
    • The GDSL Lipase MHZ11 Modulates Ethylene Signaling in Rice Roots.
    • Here, from analysis of an ethylene insensitive mutant mhz11, we identified a GDSL lipase MHZ11 which modulates ethylene signaling in rice roots
    • MHZ11 overexpression caused constitutive ethylene response in roots
    • Genetically, MHZ11 acts at the ethylene receptor OsERS2 upstream of OsCTR2 and OsEIN2
    • MHZ11 mutation maintains more OsCTR2 in phosphorylated form whereas MHZ11 overexpression promotes ethylene inhibition of OsCTR2 phosphorylation
    • MHZ11 co-localized with the ethylene receptor OsERS2, and its effect on OsCTR2 phosphorylation requires ethylene perception and signaling initiation
    • Blocking sterol biosynthesis partially rescued mhz11 ethylene response likely by reducing receptor-OsCTR2 interaction and OsCTR2 phosphorylation
    • We propose that MHZ11 works to reduce sterol level to impair receptor-OsCTR2 interaction and OsCTR2 phosphorylation for triggering of signaling upon ethylene treatment
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