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    • RT-PCR experiments revealed that Os6PGDH expression was high in inflorescence, low in root and embryos but almost absent in leaves
    • Furthermore, Os6PGDH was up-regulated in the shoots under salt stress
    • Levels of Os6PGDH1 transcripts were detected in all five examined tissues, with the highest in outer leaf sheaths and lowest in inner leaf sheaths
    • Taken together, these results indicate that Os6PGDH1 plays a pivotal role not only in rice growth but also in the resistance of rice to BPH by modulating JA, ethylene, and H2O2 pathways
    • In addition, the overexpression of Os6PGDH1 enhanced levels of BPH-induced JA, jasmonoyl-isoleucine (JA-Ile), and H2O2, but decreased BPH-induced levels of ethylene
    • Os6PGDH1 expression was strongly induced by mechanical wounding, infestation of gravid BPH females, and jasmonic acid (JA) treatment
    • Overexpressing Os6PGDH1 (oe6PGDH) decreased the height of rice plants and the mass of the aboveground part of plants, but slightly increased the length of plant roots
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