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    • Map-based cloning and characterization of a brown planthopper resistance gene BPH26 from Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica cultivar ADR52.
    • The indica rice cultivar ADR52 carries two BPH resistance genes, BPH26 (brown planthopper resistance 26) and BPH25
    • Map-based cloning of BPH26 revealed that BPH26 encodes a coiled-coil-nucleotide-binding-site-leucine-rich repeat (CC-NBS-LRR) protein
    • BPH26 mediated sucking inhibition in the phloem sieve element
    • The BPH18 promoter::GUS transgenic plants exhibited strong GUS expression in the vascular bundles of the leaf sheath, especially in phloem cells where the BPH attacks
    • Map-based Cloning and Characterization of the BPH18 Gene from Wild Rice Conferring Resistance to Brown Planthopper (BPH) Insect Pest.
    • However, these two genes have remarkable sequence differences and the independent NILs showed differential BPH resistance with different expression patterns of plant defense-related genes, indicating that BPH18 and BPH26 are functionally different alleles
    • Map-based cloning and complementation test revealed that the BPH18 encodes CC-NBS-NBS-LRR protein
    • The BPH18 proteins were widely localized to the endo-membranes in a cell, including the endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, trans-Golgi network, and prevacuolar compartments, suggesting that BPH18 may recognize the BPH invasion at endo-membranes in phloem cells
    • BPH18 has two NBS domains, unlike the typical NBS-LRR proteins
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