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    • In contrast to AtCCXs, OsCCX2 expressing K667 yeast cells show tolerance towards excess Na(+), Li(+), Fe(2+), Zn(2+) and Co(2+) and suggest its ability to transport both mono as well as divalent cations in yeast
    • OsCCX2 can be used as potential candidate for enhancing the abiotic stress tolerance in plants as well as for phytoremediation of heavy metal polluted soil
    • Rice genome encode four CCXs and only OsCCX2 transcript showed differential expression under abiotic stresses and Ca(2+) starvation conditions
    • A rice tonoplastic calcium exchanger, OsCCX2 mediates Ca(2+)/cation transport in yeast.
    • OsCCX2 is localized to plasma membrane, and OsCCX2 is mainly expressed in xylem region of vascular tissues at the nodes
    • OsCCX2 might function as an efflux transporter, responsible for Cd loading into xylem vessels
    • A Node-Expressed Transporter OsCCX2 Is Involved in Grain Cadmium Accumulation of Rice.
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