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    • Expression of the OsYSL16 promoter fused to the beta-glucuronidase gene showed that OsYSL16 is expressed in the root epidermis and vascular bundles of whole plants
    • Our results suggest that the function of OsYSL16 in Fe-homeostasis is to enable distribution of iron within a plant
    • Activation of rice Yellow Stripe1-Like 16 (OsYSL16) enhances iron efficiency
    • During germination, the rate of Fe-utilization from the seeds was higher in the OsYSL16 activation lines than in the WT seeds
    • Promoter fusions of OsYSL16 to beta-glucuronidase (GUS) showed that OsYSL16 was highly expressed in the vascular tissues of the root, leaf, and spikelet, and in leaf mesophyll cells
    • OsYSL16 has 85 % similarity to both OsYSL15 and the iron(II)-nicotianamine transporter OsYSL2
    • In the present study, we show that OsYSL16 functionally complemented a yeast mutant defective in iron uptake when grown on medium containing iron(III)-deoxymugineic acid, but not when grown on medium containing iron(II)-nicotianamine
    • OsYSL16-knockdown seedlings were smaller than wild-type seedlings when only iron(III)chloride was supplied as an iron source
    • The iron concentration in shoots of OsYSL16-knockdown plants was similar to that of the wild type; however, they showed more severe chlorosis than wild-type plants under iron-deficient conditions
    • Furthermore, OsYSL16-knockdown plants accumulated more iron in the vascular bundles of the leaves
    • Our results suggest that OsYSL16 plays a role in the allocation of iron(III)-deoxymugineic acid via the vascular bundles
    • OsYSL16 plays a role in the allocation of iron
    • The Fe concentration in shoots was also higher in the OsYSL16 activation lines than in the WT
    • GUS staining of transgenic rice carrying OsYSL16 promoter-GUS showed that OsYSL16 was mainly expressed in vascular bundles of rachilla as well as palea and lemma
    • Our results indicate that OsYSL16 expressed in the vascular bundles of rachilla is important for preferential distribution of Cu to the stamens, while OsYSL16 in vascular bundles of palea and lemma is involved in Cu redistribution under Cu-limited conditions in rice
    • osysl16 mutant showed low pollen germination, but this was rescued by addition of Cu in the medium
    • OsYSL16 is Required for Preferential Cu Distribution to Floral Organs in Rice.
    • Knockout of OsYSL16 resulted in decreased Cu distribution to the stamens, but increased distribution to the palea and lemma
    • Furthermore, we found that redistribution of Cu from palea and lemma was impaired in osysl16 mutant after exposure to Cu-free solution
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