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    • Electron microscope observations indicated that the leaf incurvations of rel1 dominant mutants result from the alteration of the size and number of bulliform cells
    • Alternatively, overexpression of REL1 in wild-type plants induced a phenotype similar to that of the dominant rel1 mutant, indicating that REL1 plays a positive role in leaf rolling and bending
    • Taken together, these findings suggest that REL1 regulates leaf morphology, particularly in leaf rolling and bending, through the coordination of BR signalling transduction
    • Consistent with the observed rel1 phenotype, the REL1 gene was predominantly expressed in the meristem of various tissues during plant growth and development
    • Nevertheless, the responsiveness of both rel1 dominant mutants and REL1-overexpressing plants to exogenous brassinosteroid (BR) was reduced
    • Moreover, transcript levels of BR response genes in the rel1 dominant mutants and REL1-overexpressing lines were significantly altered
    • Constitutive expression of REL1 confers the rice response to drought stress and abscisic acid.
    • However, the role of REL1 in drought response is still poorly understood
    • Moreover, our results revealed that rel1-D was hypersensitive to ABA and the expression of ABA associated genes was significantly increased in rel1-D, suggesting that REL1 likely coordinates ABA to regulate drought response
    • Consistently, we also found that constitutive expression of REL1 alters the expression of biotic and abiotic stress responsive genes by the isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantification (iTRAQ) analysis
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