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    • Light and near-infrared confocal microscopy of cross-sections through developing flowers of male-sterile transgenics shows that tissue-specific expression of barnase or the antisense RTS genes interrupts tapetal development, resulting in deformed non-viable pollen
    • These results demonstrate a critical role of the RTS gene in pollen development in rice and the versatile application of the RTS gene promoter in directing anther-specific gene expression in both monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants, pointing to a potential for exploiting this gene and its promoter for engineering male sterility for hybrid production of various plant species
    • A tapetum-specific gene, RTS, has been isolated by differential screening of a cDNA library from rice panicles
    • Transgenic and antisense RNA approaches revealed that RTS gene is required for male fertility in rice
    • RTS, a rice anther-specific gene is required for male fertility and its promoter sequence directs tissue-specific gene expression in different plant species
    • Several other sequence motifs found in other anther-specific promoters were also identified in the promoter of the RTS gene
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