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    • Regenerated tdd1 plants showed pleiotropic phenotypes: dwarfing, narrow leaves, short roots and abnormal flowers
    • Trp feeding completely rescued the mutant phenotypes and moderate expression of OsYUCCA1, which encodes a key enzyme in Trp-dependent IAA biosynthesis, also rescued plant height and root length, indicating that the abnormal phenotypes of tdd1 are caused predominantly by Trp and IAA deficiency
    • TDD1-uidA and DR5-uidA expression overlapped at many sites in WT plants but was lacking in tdd1, indicating that TDD1 is involved in auxin biosynthesis
    • Both Trp and IAA levels in flowers and embryos were much lower in tdd1 than in wild type (WT)
    • A rice tryptophan deficient dwarf mutant, tdd1, contains a reduced level of indole acetic acid and develops abnormal flowers and organless embryos
    • Here, we report the analysis of a rice tryptophan- (Trp-) and IAA-deficient mutant, tryptophan deficient dwarf1 (tdd1), which is embryonic lethal because of a failure to develop most organs during embryogenesis
    • TDD1 encodes a protein homologous to anthranilate synthase beta-subunit, which catalyses the first step of the Trp biosynthesis pathway and functions upstream of Trp-dependent IAA biosynthesis
    • In tdd1 embryos, the expression patterns of OSH1 and OsSCR, which mark the presumptive apical region and the L2 layer, respectively, are identical to those in WT, suggesting a possibility either that different IAA levels are required for basic pattern formation than for organ formation or that an orthologous gene compensates for TDD1 deficiency during pattern formation
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