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    • Loss of OsSWC4 function exhibited defects in pollen germination and failure to generate seeds, whereas knockdown of OsSWC4 resulted in reduced height and fewer tillers
    • The reduced height caused by OsYAF9 mutation and OsSWC4 knockdown was due to shorter internodes and defects in cell elongation, and this phenotype was rescued with gibberellin (GA) treatment, suggesting that both OsYAF9 and OsSWC4 are involved in the GA biosynthesis pathway
    • OsSWC4 was directly bound to the AT-rich region of GA biosynthesis genes, which in turn accomplished H2A
    • Chromatin remodeling factors OsYAF9 and OsSWC4 interact to promote internode elongation in rice.
    • Together, our study provides insights into the mechanisms involving OsSWC4 and OsYAF9 forming a protein complex to promote rice internode elongation with H2A
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