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    • Some of the observed morphological defects were related to a reduction in cell numbers, in addition to reduced cell division in leaf primordia revealed by in situ hybridization analysis, suggesting the possibility that DSL1 is involved in cell division control
    • The mutant showed pleiotropic defects in both vegetative and reproductive development; for example, dsl1 produced short and narrow leaves, accompanied with a reduction in the number and size of vascular bundles
    • Inflorescence and spikelet development were also affected by the dsl1 mutation
    • Collectively, our study shows that the HDAC DSL1 plays diverse and important roles in development in rice
    • Gene cloning revealed that DSL1 encodes an HDAC belonging to the Reduced potassium dependence3/Histone Deacetylase1 (RPD3/HDA1) family
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