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    • Microscopic observation revealed defects in the vascular system and reduced epidermal cell size and number in the nal21 leaf blade
    • Transformation with modified OsARF11, OsARF16 and OsWOX3A genomic DNA lacking uORFs rescued the narrow leaf phenotype of nal21 to a better extent than transformation with their native genomic DNA, implying that RPS3A could regulate translation of ARFs and WOX3A through uORFs
    • The nal21 mutant showed aberrant auxin responses in which multiple auxin response factors (ARFs) harboring upstream open reading frames (uORFs) in their 5’-untranslated region (5’-UTR) were repressed at the translational level
    • Ribosome-targeting antibiotics resistance assay and ribosome profiling showed a significant reduction in the free 40S ribosome subunit in the nal21 mutant
    • Map-based cloning revealed that NAL21 encodes a ribosomal small subunit protein RPS3A
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