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    • Based on bioinformatics studies, we identified four potential candidate interaction partners for LOC_Os04g59420, of which two genes (LOC_Os05g09640 and LOC_Os06g50370) showed co-expression under biotic and drought stress along with OsSRDP
    • Altogether, our findings established that stress-inducible expression of OsSRDP can significantly enhance tolerance to multiple abiotic stresses and a biotic stress
    • The three independent homozygous transgenic plants (AtRd29A::OsSRDP rice transformants) showed better resilience to drought, salinity, and cold stresses, but not heat stress, as compared to the non-transformed PS2, which corresponded with their respective relative transcript abundance for OsSRDP
    • Under cold stress, OsSRDP transgenic lines illustrated minimal cell membrane injury compared to PS2
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