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    • A salt-responsive transcription factor, OsDREB2A, interacted with OsbHLH38 and was directly regulated by OsbHLH38
    • Moreover, OsbHLH38 affected rice abiotic stress tolerance by mediating the expression of a large set of transporter genes of phytohormones, transcription factor genes, and many downstream genes with diverse functions, including photosynthesis, redox homeostasis, and abiotic stress responsiveness
    • Overexpression of OsbHLH38 increased seedling salt tolerance, while knockout of OsbHLH38 increased sensitivity to salt stress
    • These results demonstrated that OsbHLH38 is a key regulator in plant abiotic stress tolerance
    • Comprehensive functional analyses using knockout and overexpression transgenic lines revealed that OsbHLH38 expression was responsive to multiple abiotic stresses
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