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    • dps1 plants were characterized by small whitish anthers with altered cuticle morphology and absence of pollen grains
    • These results suggest that DPS1 plays a vital role in regulating ROS homeostasis, anther cuticle formation and panicle development in rice
    • Map-based cloning revealed that DPS1 encodes a mitochondrial-localized protein containing a cystathionine β-synthase (CBS) domain which showed the highest expression in panicles and anthers
    • Panicles of dps1 plants showed an accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), lower antioxidant activity and increased programmed cell death
    • Global gene expression analysis in dps1 revealed that biological processes related to fatty acid metabolism and ROS homeostasis were significantly affected and the expression of key genes involved in wax and cutin biosynthesis were downregulated
    • Amounts of cuticular wax and cutin were significantly reduced in dps1 anthers
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