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    • OsTMN11 knockdown (by RNAi) compromised the growth of young rice, manifested as shorter plant height, reduced biomass, and chlorosis under excessive Mn and Cd conditions
    • The mature RNAi plants contained less Mn but accumulated Cd in grains and rice straw, confirming that OsTMN11 plays a fundamental role in metal homeostasis associated with rice growth and development even under normal Mn supply conditions
    • Two lifelong field trials with rice cropped in either normal Mn supply conditions or in Cd-contaminated farmland demonstrated that knockdown of OsTMN11 impaired the capacity of seed development (including panicle, spikelet fertility, seed length, grain weight, etc
    • OsTMN11 was ubiquitously expressed over the lifespan of rice and strongly upregulated in young rice under excess Mn(II)/Cd(II) stress
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