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    • OsMLP423 Is a Positive Regulator of Tolerance to Drought and Salt Stresses in Rice.
    • The results of real-time PCR showed that OsMLP423 was strongly induced by drought and salt stresses
    • The physiological and biochemical phenotype analysis of transgenic plants confirmed that overexpression of OsMLP423 enhanced the tolerance to drought and salt stresses in rice
    • Physiological analyses showed that the overexpression of OsMLP423 may regulate the water loss efficiency and ABA-responsive gene expression of rice plants under drought and salt stresses, and it reduces membrane damage and the accumulation of reactive oxygen species
    • These results indicate that OsMLP423 is a positive regulator of drought and salinity tolerance in rice, governing the tolerance of rice to abiotic stresses through an ABA-dependent pathway
    • The expression of OsMLP423-GFP fusion protein indicated that OsMLP423 was located in both the cell membrane system and nucleus
    • Compared with the wild type, the overexpressed OsMLP423 showed enhanced sensitivity to ABA
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