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    • OsBC1L1 and OsBC1L8 function in stomatal development in rice
    • The expression of OsSPCH2 and OsFAMA, two genes key to stomatal development is both down-regulated in osbc1l1 osbc1l8
    • Taken together, these results suggest that OsBC1L1 and OsBC1L8 play essential roles in the development of rice stomatal complex likely through their involvement in cell reproduction
    • Both OsBC1L1 and OsBC1L8 could be detected to be localized at the cell plate and plasma membrane during cell division of guard mother cells and subsidiary mother cells
    • In this study, we demonstrated that knockout either OsBC1L1 or OsBC1L8, two close homologs of OsBC1L family causes no discernible defects in rice stomatal development, however, the double knockout mutant osbc1l1 osbc1l8 exhibits excess stomatal production and stomatal clustering
    • Moreover, osbc1l1 osbc1l8 has many defective stomata complexes with only one subsidiary cell
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