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    • Influence of isopropylmalate synthase OsIPMS1 on seed vigor associated with amino acid and energy metabolism in rice.
    • In this study, rice OsIPMS1 and OsIPMS2 was cloned, and the roles of OsIPMS1 in seed vigor were mainly investigated
    • Disruption of OsIPMS1 resulted in low seed vigor under various conditions, which might be tightly associated with the reduction of amino acids in germinating seeds
    • Eleven amino acids that associated with stress tolerance, GA biosynthesis and tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle were significantly reduced in osipms1 mutants compared with those in wide type (WT) during seed germination
    • Further analysis confirmed that the regulation of OsIPMS1 in seed vigor involved in starch hydrolysis, glycolytic activity and energy levels in germinating seeds
    • The effects of seed priming were tightly associated with the mRNA levels of OsIPMS1 in priming seeds
    • The OsIPMS1 might be used as a biomarker to determine the best stop time-point of seed priming in rice
    • This study provides novel insights into the function of OsIPMS1 on seed vigor and should have practical applications in seed priming of rice
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