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    • Hypoxic stress also induced ospdr9 in rice roots, salt stress induced ospdr9 at low levels but cold and heat shock had no effect
    • Polyethylene glycol and the heavy metals Cd (20 microM) and Zn (30 microM) rapidly and markedly induced ospdr9 in roots of rice seedlings
    • The plant growth regulator jasmonic acid, the auxin alpha-naphthalene acetic acid and the cytokinin 6-benzylaminopurine triggered ospdr9 expression
    • The results suggested that redox changes may be involved in the abiotic stress response regulation of ospdr9 in rice roots
    • Ospdr9, which encodes a PDR-type ABC transporter, is induced by heavy metals, hypoxic stress and redox perturbations in rice roots
    • The antioxidants dithiothreitol and ascorbic acid rapidly and markedly induced ospdr9 in rice roots; the strong oxidant hydrogen peroxide also induced ospdr9 but at three times lower levels
    • Furthermore, a spatial expression analysis showed that Cd-induced expression of OsABCG36 was found in both the root tip and mature root region
    • Immunostaining showed that OsABCG36 was localized in all root cells except the epidermal cells
    • Knockout of OsABCG36 resulted in increased Cd accumulation in root cell sap, and enhanced Cd sensitivity, but did not affect the tolerance to other metals including Al, Zn, Cu, and Pb
    • Taken together, our results indicated that OsABCG36 is not involved in Cd accumulation in the shoots, but is required for Cd tolerance by exporting Cd or Cd conjugates from the root cells in rice
    • The ABC transporter OsABCG36 is required for Cd tolerance in rice.
    • Transient expression of OsABCG36 in rice protoplast cells showed that it was localized to the plasma membrane
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