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    • Our results strongly suggest the involvement of OsIRL in homeostasis of ROS
    • These results suggest that the expression of OsIRL is positively regulated by phytohormones such as JA, and negatively by phytohormones such as SA, ABA
    • Using Northern and Western blot analyses, the OsIRL gene and protein were shown to be down-regulated in young seedling roots treated with reduced glutathione (GSH) and diphenyleneiodonium (DPI), known quenchers of reactive oxygen species (ROS)
    • Expression of OsIRL was induced by treatment with a fungal elicitor and jasmonic acid as well as by inoculation with rice blast fungus
    • Results showed that the OsIRL transgenic rice line activated by ABA treatment was tolerant against MV and G/GO-induced stress in rice leave and suspension-cultured cells
    • A rice isoflavone reductase-like gene, OsIRL, is induced by rice blast fungal elicitor
    • Treatment with salicylic acid (SA, 5 mM) strongly inhibited expression of OsIRL in response to fungal elicitor and JA, while abscisic acid (ABA, 200 muM) also strongly antagonized OsIRL induction by JA, but had only a weak effect on induction by the fungal elicitor
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