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    • Identification and characterization of a spotted-leaf mutant spl40 with enhanced bacterial blight resistance in rice.
    • Here, we reported a novel spotted-leaf mutant, spl40 that showed enhanced disease resistance response
    • spl40 exhibited enhanced resistance to 14 out of 16 races of bacterial blight pathogen of rice, caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv
    • CONCLUSION: The results obtained here clearly show that genes related to defense and PCD were upregulated in accordance with enhanced disease resistance and occurrence of PCD, whereas the photosynthetic capacity and overall ROS homeostasis was compromised in spl40
    • spl40 showed obvious cell death at and around the lesion, and burst of reactive oxygen species (ROS) was accompanied by disturbed ROS scavenging system
    • Interestingly, the complementation plants did not display lesions before heading but showed lesions at the heading stage and the transgenic T(1) progenies could be classified into 3 categories based on their lesion intensity, indicating the complex genetic nature of the spl40 mutation
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