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    • NAL8 encodes a prohibitin that contributes to leaf and spikelet development by regulating mitochondria and chloroplasts stability in rice.
    • Our findings provide new insights into the way that NAL8 functions as a molecular chaperone in regulating plant leaf morphology and spikelet number through its effects on mitochondria and chloroplasts associated with cell division
    • In addition, the auxin levels in nal8 mutants are higher than in TQ, while the cytokinin levels are lower than in TQ
    • Moreover, RNA-sequencing and proteomics analysis shows that NAL8 is involved in multiple hormone signaling pathways as well as photosynthesis in chloroplasts and respiration in mitochondria
    • Mutation of NAL8 causes a reduction in the number of plastoglobules and shrunken thylakoids in chloroplasts, resulting in reduced cell division
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