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    • The bud length and total root length of OsSAP6 overexpression rice were significantly longer than those of Lj11 (Oryza sativa longjing11) during germination stage, and the survival rates, plant height and malondialdehyde content at the seedling stage showed tolerance growth of saline-alkaline stress
    • OsSAP6 Positively Regulates Soda Saline-Alkaline Stress Tolerance in Rice.
    • In this study, the expression levels of OsSAP6 in leaves and roots were upregulated with increasing NaHCO(3) stress duration
    • It is speculated that OsSAP6 responds to soda salinity stress and interacts with OsPK5 to positively regulate soda saline-alkaline tolerance through ROS homeostasis
    • This study revealed the features of OsSAP6 involved in response to soda saline-alkaline stress and the interaction with OsPK5, which provided resources for breeding aimed at improving the soda saline-alkaline stress tolerance of rice
    • CONCLUSION: Overexpression of OsSAP6 in rice significantly enhanced saline-alkaline tolerance compared with the wild type
    • OsSAP6 was located in nucleus and cytoplasm
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