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    • Ectopic expression of OsPSKR15 in Arabidopsis thaliana increased the sensitivity to ABA during germination, growth and stomatal closure
    • Furthermore, the constitutive expression of OsPSKR15 enhanced drought tolerance by reducing the transpirational water loss in Arabidopsis
    • Altogether, these results reveal an important role of OsPSKR15 in plant response towards abiotic stress in an ABA-dependent manner
    • OsPSKR15 also regulated reactive oxygen species (ROS)-mediated ABA signaling in guard cells, thereby governing stomatal closure
    • We also reported that OsPSKR15 directly interacts with AtPYL9 and its orthologue OsPYL11 of rice through its kinase domain in the plasma membrane and nucleus
    • We demonstrated OsPSKR15 is a positive regulator in plant response to ABA
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